Wednesday, November 20, 2013

SOLAR Session 2: Recruitment and Retention

Participation: 107 Student Leaders
Dates: October 15th, 2013 
Location: Student Center

Recruitment and Retention

On Tuesday night from 7-9p.m. Casey Jordan Krone gave a presentation about effective and purposeful recruitment. Using a resource from Phired Up Recruitment the students evaluated the way they currently recruit for their organization. 

 The handout dissected several aspects of recruitment and had the students take an honest look at what they currently do. After the students finished dissecting how their organization recruits, they were then able to create a game plan for recruiting in the future.

Students were asked to take a quick survey about the effectiveness of the SOLAR session, and some of their responses are:

"Loved it! It was really nice to reflect and realize our position and what we are supposed to make our organization more successful."

Students also strongly agreed that they were able to set useful recruitment goals for their organization. 

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