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ELS Week 8

Emerging Leaders Series

Week 8
Leadership In Action

ELS Week 7

Emerging Leaders Series

Week 7
Identity & Inclusion

ELS Week 6

Emerging Leaders Series
Week 6 

Civic Engagement & Leadership

ELS Week 5

Emerging Leaders Series

Week 5
Conflict & Time Management

ELS Week 4

Emerging Leaders Series

Week 4
Communication & Relationships

ELS Week 3

Emerging Leaders Series
Week 3

Time & Stress Management and Mental Wellness

ELS Week 2

Emerging Leaders Series

Week 2

ELS Week 1

Emerging Leaders Series

Week 1

October 2nd, 2014

Gabriela Majeska & Kate Curley

Week 1 is used as an introduction course to the entire Emerging Leaders Series. The day is started with a pre-assessment to assess where all of the students are at in terms of leadership experiences. The majority of the time period is used for discussion on why the students are there and what they are hoping to get out of the experience as well as getting to know each other.

Before the series began, we had accepted 15 participants. On day 1 of the series, 12 students participated. Part of the introduction of the series included having the students sign a learning agreement, adapted from LeaderShape, pleading their commitment to their own learning in the course. After getting to know each other, the students were split into groups and participated in a "coat of arms" activity, allowing them to choose 4 of the most important things in their life and tell the other students about them. We concluded the introduction with reading the article "The five practices of exemplary leadership" and sharing thoughts on the article.

Learning Agreement

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On Top of The Town

On Top of The Town: Women's Leadership Mixer

Date: Monday, November 17th, 2014

On Top of The Town was a women's leadership mixer hosted by the GLO pod of Campus Life. It was aimed specifically towards female students at the university to address specifically being a female leader. This event was created in order to help students get questions answered about their future careers and leadership. This event was also created in the hopes of giving students a networking opportunity with some of the women leaders in our community. 

The event started with an informal "mixer" portion where appetizers and drinks from EMU catering were provided to all of the guests. The night then continued into a panel where we had some of the female leaders from the community tell their stories of trouble and triumphs and then answer questions from the students. This was the main portion of the night and the panel consisted of Amanda Edmonds, Mayor of Ypsilanti; Jan Mcdermott, a small business owner; Liz Haas a licensed social worker and sex therapist; Carrie Hensel, co-founder Women's Exchange of Washtenaw; Amelia Brown, Consumers Energy Employee Development Consultant; and Priya Gogi, Founder of Denovo Sciences. After the panel portion, the night continued into round table discussions where each of the guests hosted their own discussion with small groups of students. The round table discussion topics included salary negotiation, work life balance, further education, challenging work place relationships and sexual discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Hosting these round table discussions along with the panelists we also had Cheyenne Luzynski, Glenna Frank Miller and Meredith Collier. The event consisted of 42 students total, both men and women.

This event was covered by the Eastern Echo and coverage can be found here:


Emerging Leaders Series 2014

Emerging Leaders Series 2014

The Emerging Leaders Series was held from 4-6 P.M. on October 2nd, October 9th, October 16th, October 23rd, October 30th, November 6th, November 13th, and November 20th.

The Emerging Leaders Series is an 8 week series hosted by Campus Life and programmed by the student assistant for leadership programs. It is a program specifically designed for freshmen, sophomores and transfer students who hope to become "emerging leaders" in their community. The program teaches students more about themselves, their leadership styles, and how to best work with other people as well as challenges they may face as leaders and how to manage them. 

For this years sessions of ELS, we started with 15 students and ended the 8th session with 8 total students. Each session was facilitated by Gabriela Majeska and on a rotating schedule, Casey Jordan Krone and Kate Curley facilitated the sessions. 

The Emerging Leaders Series offers the students who successfully complete the 8 week course LBC credit in the general education area for community service, citizenship and leadership.


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Day Six: Staying In Action

Day Six: Staying In Action

May 3rd, 2014
Learning Goal for the Day: Identifying strategies for sustaining momentum 

The morning of day 6 begins with the last family cluster inspiration with the focus of staying in action. Preceding the day, the on-site coordinator worked to make gifts for the two lead facilitators and wrote out all of the completion certificates. One of the biggest jobs of the on-site coordinator before the commencement ceremony was to create the slideshow to be shown to the facilitators and participants before commencements and that was then shown. 

The commencement ceremony included everyone gathering in a large circle. The lead facilitators gave their remarks and then each of the cluster facilitators were asked to step forward and make their final remarks to both the group and their students. From there, they each gave their students their completion certificates. At the end, each person was handed a stone, and was then explained that each stone represented the ripple effect that each of them would have in the world.

LeaderShape 2014 Slideshow

Day Five: Living and Leading With Integrity

Day Five: Living and Leading With Integrity

May 2nd, 2014

Learning Goal for the Day: Recognize the value of integrity in successful, effective leadership.

The biggest focus of day 5 is further discussing values and how our own personal values contribute to who we want to be and what we want to do. The day is centered around the question, "who do I want to be?" by focusing on the core values of each participant; what they are, how each participant demonstrates them and what can happen when faced with difficult choices.

The big activity for the values day is the t-shirt activity. Each participant is given a paper t-shirt and then asked to decorate the t-shirt displaying their own core values. The purpose of the activity is to show participants that just as we wear a tshirt, we should be constantly "wearing" and living our values in everything that we do. The t-shirts are then hung on a clothesline around the room to display to others in the learning community what each of the participants individually values.

The day concludes with a meaningful discussion on values and their importance in leadership as a learning community. From there, they spend the rest of the night in their individual family clusters for their last family cluster meeting time. On night five, staff put on a celebration bonfire with smores, to celebrate the students last night at the LeaderShape Institute and allow the students to further  bond with each other as a group and celebrate the friendships made.

Day Four: Bringing Vision To Reality

Day Four: Bringing Vision To Reality

May 1st, 2014

Learning Goal for the Day: Define key strategies and relationships that move vision to reality

The majority of day 4 is spent in family clusters. There is a large focus put on building relationships in order to accomplish goals. Time is taken to discuss fears and failures and how those could possibly hinder them moving forward with their visions. From there, the participants start action planning for their visions.

The day concludes with the StarPower simulation which has the goal of addressing the issue of power in large groups.

Day Three: Challenging What Is, Looking To What Could Be

Day Three: Challenging What Is, Looking To What Could Be

April 30th, 2014

Learning Goal for the Day: Develop and share a vision for the future

Day 3 starts off with a family cluster inspiration and then moves into a team builder, with each other the teams being the 6 different family clusters. The team builder was called "balloon castles" and students are asked to try and build the largest, tallest, free standing balloon castle between the family clusters using only balloons and a roll of tape. This activity further promotes positive team work.

One of the main focuses of LeaderShape is for the students to create personal visions. Day 3 is the first day in vision exploration where the students each begin to work on their personal visions. Visions range from all types of different things that impact a community or a certain cause for the better.

Day 3 is also the day where we have the guest leader forum. This year we had many different leaders from the EMU community come out including, Provost Schatzel, Kathy Walz, Keith Jason, Lucas Langdon, Mark Larkin, David Anderson and Elizabeth Broughton. The night consisted of round table discussions about the guests personal leadership experiences and advice.

Day Two: The Value of One, The Power of All

Day Two: The Value of One, The Power of All

April 29th, 2014

Learning Goal for the Day: Recognize personal patterns of communication and influence.

During day 2, the largest portion of the day is spent doing the team challenge course. Because of the setup of the camp, some changes were made to the original high-ropes course that was planned, and other team building activities took place on the low ropes course. The focus of the day is team building, and working the most on learning how to work together and its importance in leadership. 

After the challenge course and team building activities there is a focus put on self-awareness, by completing a behavioral style inventory and relating its importance to leadership. From that information, each participant has an opportunity to set several personal goals for the week and share those with the other members of their Family Cluster. The final portion of the day is spent learning about inclusive leadership through work in the large group learning community. This includes things such as watching "a class divided" and discussing it further.

Day One: Building Community

Day One: Building Community

April 28th, 2014

Learning Goal For The Day: Understand the value of a supportive community in leadership practice

During day one there is a huge focus on all of the participants and facilitators getting to know each other. Students and staff participate in icebreakers along with introductions from both the LeaderShape staff and the camp administration.
Day one is spent with a large focus on making all of the participants feel welcome and safe in order to create the learning community. One of the big focuses of day one are the leadership myths and the leadership truisms. Towards the end of day one, each of the students are placed in their "family clusters" which consist of 9 students per group and a cluster facilitator. During the first family cluster meeting time the groups each create a name for themselves, create a cheer, and also work as a team to design a cluster logo. Everything about day one ties together to create an environment where each participant feels safe and altogether builds a community where everyone can flourish.

During family cluster time, the participants take part in an activity called "The Power of Your Story" where they share their personal histories and how that impacts what they value as a person.

LeaderShape 2014

LeaderShape 2014

The LeaderShape Institute 2014
at Camp Michindoh
April 28th-May 3rd, 2014

  • The LeaderShape institute is a non profit organization committed to teaching young adults how to lead with integrity and have a healthy disregard for the impossible. Their mission is to transform the world by increasing the number of individuals who lead with integrity and a healthy disregard for the impossible. The LeaderShape institute was originally created in 1986 and now partners with campuses big and small across the United States. LeaderShape is six days of dialogue and self discovery in a supportive learning community that helps participants to learn to lead with integrity but also to work towards a vision grounded from their deepest values.

  • LeaderShape 2014 at EMU was held at Camp Michindoh. The lead facilitators from LeaderShape were Leah Gallant from MIT and Chris Carey from temple university who both work in Higher Ed Student Affairs. The student and on site facilitator was Gabriela Majeska and the staff facilitator was Casey Jordan Krone. We had six cluster facilitators all working in different disciplines at EMU. These facilitators included John Feldkamp, Suzanne Gray, Ramona Caponegro, Cheyenne Luzynski, Ellen Collier and Perry Francis. 

  • This year we had approximately 53 students attend LeaderShape with EMU who worked together challenging each other during the experience. The students created close bonds and relationships with each other and also with the facilitators during their time together at the institute. The results that come from the graduation of the LeaderShape Institute include materials and insights that will positively impact the students both personally and professionally.

  • The participants do not require any previous leadership experience before attending the LeaderShape institute. The students who participate vary from all different ages and organizations. The different mixture of students who attend creates an excellent learning environment for all involved.  

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Marketing and Design Projects 2014-2015

Marketing and Design Projects 2014

Fall 2014
Greek Life
  • Social Policy Visual 
  • Sorority Recruitment
  • Let's Talk About IT
  • Greek Leadership Academy
  • Student Organizations Business Cards
  • Fast Forward 
  • CL Lindsey
  • Make A wish
  • Bulletin Board Thermometers. 
  • President Council Retreat
  • Women's History Month
  • Photo Voice
  • Leadershape
  • Catalyst

Student Organizations
  • Solar 
  • Fajita Fest 
  • Student Organizations Tailgate
  • Winter Fest
  • X-Fund Flow Chart
  • Student Orgs Logo

  • Women's Leadership Social (On Top of the Town)
  • Leadership Exchange
  • Emerging Leadership Series
  • Leadership Logo
  • NSLS

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