Thursday, June 12, 2014

Day One: Building Community

Day One: Building Community

April 28th, 2014

Learning Goal For The Day: Understand the value of a supportive community in leadership practice

During day one there is a huge focus on all of the participants and facilitators getting to know each other. Students and staff participate in icebreakers along with introductions from both the LeaderShape staff and the camp administration.
Day one is spent with a large focus on making all of the participants feel welcome and safe in order to create the learning community. One of the big focuses of day one are the leadership myths and the leadership truisms. Towards the end of day one, each of the students are placed in their "family clusters" which consist of 9 students per group and a cluster facilitator. During the first family cluster meeting time the groups each create a name for themselves, create a cheer, and also work as a team to design a cluster logo. Everything about day one ties together to create an environment where each participant feels safe and altogether builds a community where everyone can flourish.

During family cluster time, the participants take part in an activity called "The Power of Your Story" where they share their personal histories and how that impacts what they value as a person.

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