Thursday, June 12, 2014

Day Six: Staying In Action

Day Six: Staying In Action

May 3rd, 2014
Learning Goal for the Day: Identifying strategies for sustaining momentum 

The morning of day 6 begins with the last family cluster inspiration with the focus of staying in action. Preceding the day, the on-site coordinator worked to make gifts for the two lead facilitators and wrote out all of the completion certificates. One of the biggest jobs of the on-site coordinator before the commencement ceremony was to create the slideshow to be shown to the facilitators and participants before commencements and that was then shown. 

The commencement ceremony included everyone gathering in a large circle. The lead facilitators gave their remarks and then each of the cluster facilitators were asked to step forward and make their final remarks to both the group and their students. From there, they each gave their students their completion certificates. At the end, each person was handed a stone, and was then explained that each stone represented the ripple effect that each of them would have in the world.

LeaderShape 2014 Slideshow

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