Thursday, June 12, 2014

Day Three: Challenging What Is, Looking To What Could Be

Day Three: Challenging What Is, Looking To What Could Be

April 30th, 2014

Learning Goal for the Day: Develop and share a vision for the future

Day 3 starts off with a family cluster inspiration and then moves into a team builder, with each other the teams being the 6 different family clusters. The team builder was called "balloon castles" and students are asked to try and build the largest, tallest, free standing balloon castle between the family clusters using only balloons and a roll of tape. This activity further promotes positive team work.

One of the main focuses of LeaderShape is for the students to create personal visions. Day 3 is the first day in vision exploration where the students each begin to work on their personal visions. Visions range from all types of different things that impact a community or a certain cause for the better.

Day 3 is also the day where we have the guest leader forum. This year we had many different leaders from the EMU community come out including, Provost Schatzel, Kathy Walz, Keith Jason, Lucas Langdon, Mark Larkin, David Anderson and Elizabeth Broughton. The night consisted of round table discussions about the guests personal leadership experiences and advice.

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