Wednesday, August 21, 2013

LeaderShape 2013

The LeaderShape Institute 2013
At Camp Faholo
  • LeaderShape is a non-profit organization committed to developing young adults to lead with integrity. The LeaderShape Institute is an interactive, energizing, and unique experience that builds leadership skills no other program can match. The LeaderShape Institute, now in its twenty-eight year, has made a difference in the lives of more then 20,000 young men and women from throughout the country. But be prepared! It is six days of non-stop self- discovery and learning from practical experiences that build leadership concepts and abilities.

  • Participants are simultaneously exhilarated, exhausted, challenged, and moved by the energy and creativity of approximately 60 of their peers from EMU. They will work with a team forming relationships that, in many cases, become lifelong friendships. When they leave the LeaderShape Institute, the materials and insights gained will serve program graduates both personally and professionally.

  • They do not need to have held any previous leadership roles of have experience as a leader to participate in LeaderShape. Participants vary from first-year students who are just getting their feet wet, to up class students who have been presidents of student organizations; the mixture of all types of experience makes for an excellent learning environment for all participants.

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