Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 6: Staying in Action

Learning Goal for the Day:
Identifying strategies for sustaining momentum.

The process of experience of LeaderShape began with a firm foundation in core values and passions. From this personal place in our hearts, we moved into envisioning the future and created Stretch Goals, Manageable Goals, and Action Steps to bring that future into reality. We did all of that while adopting the philosophy of "a healthy disregard for the impossible."

Before the participants depart from the camp, we create a "Staying in Action" guide to remind us not only of what we learned at LeaderShape, but how to intentionally apply it on campus and in our communities.

The Day concludes with a commencement ceremony to celebrate and acknowledge the participation of all of the students and faculty throughout The 2013 LeaderShape Institute. Participants are given glass pebbles which represent the ripple effect that each participant will make in the world as each "commences" his or her leadership journey. The stones should be kept and cherished as a remembrance of The LeaderShape Institute and as a remembrance of the tremendous difference each and ever participant will make in their communities and campuses as they continue in their leadership journey.

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