Friday, October 25, 2013

Week 4: Communication

Tonight's session started out with a discussion surrounding "What is communication?" Students were asked to take a communication quiz where they were instructed to read all of the instructions before they proceeded to answer the questions. Take a look at the Communication Quiz and see if you can see where many students made the mistake. After the quiz, the discussion was based around the importance of communication and what they thought were the most important aspects.

Students broke up into smaller groups and discussed how they think that they are perceived through their communication. The question was asked "Should leaders be held to a higher standard?" Following the discussion we created "The Big Debate: Should leaders hide their emotions?" The room was split into two groups with one side for and one against. During the debate, a few students were discretely asked to observe the tone, body language, articulation, and use of filler words (like, um). The students debated and the observers reported out what happened within their groups.

The final activity involved everyone pairing up with another person. One person had a picture of geometric shapes, and the other did not. They were instructed to sit back to back to each other. The partner with the drawing was to instruct, to the best of their ability, directions on how their partner can draw the picture. There was a small debrief about how it can be tough to hear people and easy to miss small details because even those can make a big difference sometimes.

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