Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 5: Living and Leading with Integrity

Learning Goal for the Day:
To recognize the value of integrity in successful, effective leadership.

The morning of Day 5 is spent  digging deeper into our values while spending some time focusing on how our values contribute to who we want to be- how we make choices and our behavior and the impact it can have on our relationships and ability to lead.

The day is centered around the question "Who do I want to be?" by focusing on the core values of each participant; what they are, how we live them, and what can happen when we're faced with difficult choices.

The main activity on Day 5 is one discerning ones own values. In order to participate in the activity, students are given a piece of paper with a blank t-shirt on it and then asked to decorate their t-shirt displaying their core values. The students then walk around admiring in and reflecting on the shirts of others. The purpose of this activity is to show the participants how just like we wear t-shirts that display organizations/causes we're proud to be a part of, or music we really like, we do that with our values by the way we live our lives and the actions that we make.

The day closes out with some very meaningful conversations and reflection about how we can live and lead with integrity. Taking an honest look at ourselves ad deciding who we want to be and recognizing that answering this question is often something that we cannot make alone. Our family, friends, spiritual beliefs, and society all influence us in one way or another so it is important to acknowledge these and decide how we want each of them to "show up" in our lives.

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