Friday, October 25, 2013

Week 2: Values

Guest Speaker: Casey Krone

Week 2 is focused around the discussion of Values. We started the evening talking about where our values come from. Each person is different and have had their own unique life experiences and those experiences help shape each individual and their values. Family, Friends, Community, Neighbors, Teachers, and Religious Leaders are the most common to influence certain values in your life. Participants worked on figuring out what their most important values are. We then broke into small groups and came up with a "Top 3 Values" list.

When Casey came in she presented us with some Case Studies. The purpose behind the activity was to promote conversations based on how the values that we say we each hold play a part in the choices that we make, especially those of moral.

Values Ranking
My Values System
Ethical Ranking
Instructions for Consensus and Ethical Ranking Activity

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