Monday, April 14, 2014


FASTforWARD (Fraternities And Sororities Together FOR Wellness And Responsible Decisionmaking), originally created as a peer education initiative a few years ago, had stagnated and lost its peer component in the last few years. This year the GLO pod worked to resurrect the program; breathing new life and new facets of wellness into FASTforWARD. FASTforWARD functions as a wellness education broker, linking organizations with the programs and presenters they wish to hear from and to arrange a date and time for the two to connect. The pod reached out to other offices and departments on campus to add their programs to the menu. Officer Candace Dorsey from EMUPD, the Office of Nutrition Services, Ellen Collier from the Women's Resource Center, as well as exciting new in house created programing have been added to FASTforWARD this year.

Topics in FASTforWARD

  • Nutrition
  • Personal Safety
  • Academic Wellness
  • Financial Wellness
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Critical thinking
  • Alcohol Safety 
  • Bystander Training

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